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Jaguar E-Type 9600 HP


9600 HP, sometimes called 'The most famous car in the World', is the legendary E-type prototype that was used for high speed testing on the M1, achieved 150mph in an Autocar test and was driven flat out to Geneva to star at the '61 show. The history and prototype features of the car make it unique but also relevant to all E-type enthusiasts.

Owner Philip Porter of Porter Press kindly provided the photographic reference for the painting and descriptive text which is etched into the Aluminium panel.

As an icon of 1960's design I wanted to create a composition that drew on contemporary design and found the overlapping ‘RAF’ roundels made a perfect backdrop, while the partial sketches highlight Malcolm Sayer's aerodynamic but soulful design.


The painting is in Oils and Oil glazes onto a specially fabricated Aluminium panel, the text has been etched into the Aluminium. The areas representing the vehicle's brightwork have been polished and painted in Oil glazes and subtly catch the light, bringing the image to life.


Media: Oil on etched and polished
Size: 70 x 35cm

Limited Edition Prints

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