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Bentley Continental - commissioned painting


H J Mulliner’s coachwork, design No. 7514, is widely recognised as the most beautiful of the Bentley Continentals, so the brief of the commission was to capture all the aspects of the design, therefore three elevations are depicted.


The painting was executed in oils onto a specially fabricated Aluminium panel.

The description along the bottom of the painting was etched into the Aluminium and the areas representing the brightwork of the car were polished prior to painting.

All of the painted areas are executed in oils and oil glazes by hand with brushes.

The Bentley badge featured is from the grill of the car while the gravel drive, background foliage and skyline are based on those of the owner's estate.

Media: Oil on etched and polished


Size: 120 x 75 x 6cm

Limited Edition Prints

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