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Aston Martin DB6 commission


This Aston painting is DB6 through and through, being executed onto a reclaimed door panel from a DB6.

The panel was prepared by carefully removing the many layers of original paint and fitting a sub-frame to the reverse to provide structural rigidity and fixings for hanging.

The painting was executed in Oils. Areas representing the chrome work were polished and painted using transparent glazes to give the appearance of chrome and brightwork. The car featured is in Pacific Blue - to complement this striking colour a dusky blue background featuring the Aston Martin winged badge was created by building up layers of glazes.

A section of the factory technical drawings is incorporated into the side elevation and the painting is finished with the addition of specially engraved title and signature plates.

Media: Oil on etched and polished

Size: 121 x 61 x 10cm

Limited Edition Prints

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