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'Bella Ladra' Beautiful Thief

£ 4,495

This artwork was inspired by the famous opening scenes of the film 'The Italian Job' where London gangster Roger Beckermann drives a stunning Lamborghini Miura up a blissful alpine pass towards a sticky end.
An icon of 60's design, the Miura was the first supercar and the fastest production car on the planet. Still regarded as one the most beautiful sports cars ever made, it still looks stunning today.


The painting is in Oils onto a 2mm thick Aluminium panel - the Aluminium forms part of the composition, providing the highlights in the clouds and wheels. These surface treatments subtly catch the light according to the position of the viewer and lighting conditions, bringing the painting to life. 


The artwork is signed and dated by the artist on Aluminium plates and is presented in a black tray frame.

Media: Oil on etched and polished Aluminium.

Size: 985 x 555 x 54mm

Limited Edition Prints

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