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Porsche 917 Le Mans Splash


This stylised painting features the legendary Porsche 917K that was the lead car in Steve McQueen's racing movie 'Le Mans'.

The No. 20 car was driven by Jo Siffert and Brian Redman in the 1970 Le Mans 24 hour race and had built up a massive 10 lap lead by 2am, when a missed gear change wrecked the engine and chances of victory. The race was eventually won by Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood in their red and white No. 23 Porsche Salzburg 917 giving Porsche their first Le Mans victory.


Filming of the movie began the next day and it was the No.20 car with its iconic Gulf livery that was chosen as the lead car, explaining why it has subsequently become the most famous of these groundbreaking cars. 


In this painting, the car is shown storming down the straight from the Dunlop bridge with the Gulf colours appearing to burst from the car into the surrounding air.


The painting is executed in Oils onto an Aluminium panel. The Aluminium has been brushed and subtly catches the light according to the position of the viewer and lighting conditions, bringing the painting to life.

The artwork is signed and dated by the artist on a specially made 'signature' plate.


Media: Oil on Aluminium.

Size: Approx 720 x 350 x 27mm

Limited Edition Prints

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