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Geoff Bolam comes from a long line of artists, going back at least 5 generations and is distantly related to William Morris.

He started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil and early sketches nearly always included futuristic cars, aircraft, spaceships and machines.


His early fascination with cars and machines was nurtured by his Marine Engineer father Denis, who taught him how to rebuild engines and maintain cars in the family garage.

He trained as a graphic designer and became a sought after freelance illustrator and lettering artist. He went on to become a Creative Director and Design Consultant, running his own Central London Design Consultancy for nearly 20 years, working with many leading international companies and brands.

He started painting for pleasure in 2005 and made the transition to painting full time in 2014.

Although painting professionally for a relatively short time, his work has gained wide recognition, being featured in Octane, Classic & Sports Car and Vantage magazines, and for the last 2 years he has exhibited paintings at the RAC 'Art of Motoring' exhibition in London's Pall Mall, which features the 'UK's leading artists of the genre'.


Geoff has owned a succession of sports cars including two Alfa Romeo’s, a Peugeot 205 GTI, Golf GTI, Renault 5 Turbo, Subaru Imprezza WRX, MGB roadster, two classic Aston Martin's, and a scruffy but much loved VW bay window camper van.


His work is in private collections worldwide.

Past exhibitions include:

• RAC Club House exhibition, Pall Mall, London - December 2019

• RaceRetro, Kenilworth UK - February 2019 

• RetroAuto, Pebble Beach, USA - August 2018

• Automobilia Show, Monterey, USA - August 2018

• RAC Club House 'Hanging Room' exhibition, Pall Mall, London - January 2018

• RAC 'Art of Motoring', Pall Mall, London - November 2017

• Goodwood Revival, Sussex - September 2017

• Goodwood Members Meeting, Sussex - March 2017

• RetroMobile, Paris - February 2017

• RAC 'Art of Motoring', Pall Mall, London - October 2016

• Goodwood Revival, Sussex - September 2016

• Aston Martin Owners Club, Eton Dorney - August 2016

• London Classic Car Show, London - February 2016

• RAC 'Art of Motoring', Pall Mall, London - November 2015

• Goodwood Revival, Sussex - September 2015

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