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Mercedes 300SL original painting


This painting pays homage to the Mercedes 300SL ‘Gullwing’. The concept of the composition was to show the various facets of the design that have made the Gullwing so iconic - side, front and rear elevations were needed to showcase every detail. To ‘get beneath the skin’ of the design, the bodywork fades to reveal technical drawings which are based the factory’s originals.

The painting was executed in oils onto a specially fabricated Aluminium panel and everything was been painted by hand with fine brushes.

The chromework is reflective and this was achieved by polishing the Aluminium support and shading with transparent oil glazes.

The design for the background emblem was taken from the vehicle’s front badge and was achieved by brushing the Aluminium then lightly etching it to tone in with the background.

The painting has been featured in a number of publications including Classic and Sportscar, Octane and Motorsport magazines and exhibited at the Goodwood Revival, Goodwood Members Meeting, Royal Automobile Club’s ‘Art of Motoring’ exhibition, RetroMobile Paris, Automobilia Monterey and RetroAuto.

Signed and dated by the artist on a specially made 'signature' plate.

Media: Oil on etched and polished

Size: 1200 x 600 x 53mm

Prints of this artwork are available to order

Limited Edition Prints

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