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ERA R6B - commissioned painting

This painting features a well-known racing car, ERA R6B, being driven in period by Sid Day. The painting was commissioned by his son and was one of my most challenging projects yet.

The car, which is now in the USA, has been modified significantly since Sid owned it, so period black & white photographs were used as reference, and much time was spent studying dozens of images to make sure the details of the colour, suspension, exhaust, running gear and trim were exactly right.


The painting is 70 x 35cm in size and executed in Oils onto a specially made Aluminium panel. The side view is based on a photograph of Sid in action in the 60's - the crowds in the background evoke the style of period press photograph and was etched into the panel. Plaques from several trophies are incorporated into the design.


Media: Oil on etched and polished


Size: 70 x 35 x 3cm

Limited Edition Prints

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