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"Summer Classic" MGB Roadster

This painting captures the classic British sportscar, a red MGB roadster, on a classic English summer's day - bright sunshine illuminates a field of golden wheat while black storm clouds threaten.


The painting is in oils onto a 2mm thick Aluminium panel.

The Aluminium is an integral part of the composition - the car's chrome work is reflective, created by polishing the Aluminium and shading with transparent oil glazes.

The highlights and sunbeams of the stormy sky have also been achieved using Aluminium's reflective properties. These surface treatments subtly catch the light according to the position of the viewer and lighting conditions, bringing the image to life. 


The painting is presented in a black tray frame.

My trademark signature and title plates are fitted to the sides of the frame.

The artwork is signed and dated by the artist.

£ 2,100

Media: Oil on Aluminium.

Size: 535 x 305 x 33mm

Limited Edition Prints

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