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Hawthorn Ferrari Goodwood

£ 3,995

This painting celebrates three legends of 1950's motor racing; Mike Hawthorn, Ferrari, and the Goodwood motor racing circuit. 


The nine-hour race at Goodwood on the 20th August 1955 was a highlight of the racing calendar. Hawthorn was driving a works Ferrari 250 Monza and set the all-time lap record sportscars (1min 34.8secs, 91.14mph) before retiring after an accident. 

This painting was inspired by the incredible images captured by enthusiastic photographers who would stand at the apex of a fast corner to capture the action at close hand, and not inconsiderable risk.


The painting is in Oils onto a 2mm thick Aluminium panel. The Aluminium forms part of the composition - areas have been sanded, etched and polished to create background elements and features of the car. These surface treatments subtly catch the light according to the position of the viewer and lighting conditions, bringing the painting to life. 


The painting appears frameless but is fitted with a 25mm deep subframe so the painting stands away from the wall.

Signed and dated by the artist.


Media: Oil on etched and polished Aluminium.

Size: 950 x 520 x 27mm

Limited Edition Prints

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