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Limited Edition prints in 4 options

Sometimes called 'The most famous car in the World', 9600 HP was the prototype that was used for high speed testing on the M1, achieved 150mph in an Autocar test and was driven flat out to Switzerland to star at the '61 Geneva show. The history and prototype features of the car make it unique but relevant to all E-type enthusiasts. The composition celebrates car's status as an icon of 1960's design, incorporating RAF roundels and sketches highlighting Malcolm Sayer's aerodynamic but soulful curves.


Aluminium prints - Edition of 100

    Large: Size 70 x 35 x 3cm - £399.95

    Medium: Size 35 x 17.5 x 1cm - £175.00


Metallised Card prints - Edition of 100

    Small framed: 35 x 22.5 x 1.4cm (Image size 24 x 12cm) - £95.00
    Small unframed: 28 x 16cm (Image size 24 x 12cm) - £45.00

Limited Edition Prin

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